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Regg Johnson Wedding Photography - "Capturing Your Memories For A Lifetime In Pictures"
Since 1992, Regg Johnson Wedding Photography, has offered Professional Photography Services to help those who want mementos in pictures to remind them of the special moments of their lives. Specializing in Weddings, on location Portraits and all Special events occuring in your lives, Regg Johnson Photography Services help clients keep a lifetime of memories in pictures. 
For us sentimental fools, special memories are to be cherished and saved. It's no wonder then that, whether we're in a simple gathering of friends or an extravagant party, we make sure that we have photographs taken of the event. We all want memories we can treasure for a lifetime, keepsakes that will give the next generation a detailed view of our past.
Regg Johnson Wedding Photography believes that clients deserve nothing less than excellent service, so with me you are assured that everything is well organized and properly taken care of. I am your partner in capuring the greatest moments of your life.
Please contact me at: 850-463-8619 

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